It’s Time for a Partition Without Borders

Judeo-Christian Union of America


Vision of a Borderless Partition

The hope for America is for individual citizens to live in principled freedom.
The JCUA is a revolutionary way to associate in all spheres of life with like-minded people.
Without a shot fired, a law broken, or anybody’s rights infringed.

  1. Economic Secession   Imagine a framework of radically free-market economies within the USA. There are endless possibilities, from small barter arrangements between like-minded individuals to a nationwide medical system that rejects public funding and refuses to kill the unborn. Imagine buying and selling products and services with Americans who share your values.
  2. Social Apartheid   How’s that 12-year-old boy in a tent with a “gay” man workin’ for you? All of the major private nonprofit social organizations could have JCUA analogs — Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, AARP, local chambers of commerce, ad infinitum. For example, if a public school decides to have a “transgendered” prom queen with a “gay” theme, fine. In America, that is legal and need not be quashed by messy and expensive lawsuits. It is legal for a local JCUA chapter to hold its own private prom. American citizens are free to be guided by conscience, without infringing on anybody’s freedom.
  3. Political Resistance   The JCUA could be the basis of the most powerful political movement in American history. If pro-life, pro-traditional family Constitutional conservatives achieve solidarity as a moral and political union, we can reclaim control over every level of the American government. We can replace the awful IRS with a reasonable and understandable tax code, secure our borders, deport illegal aliens, and starve every public institution that is shoving secular progressive dogma down our throats.

Imagine a season of American ingenuity that unleashes creativity, love of freedom, recognition of God-given equality, and individual responsibility.

It is Time for the JCUA.